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All-I-Know-Frank-Poem1All I know

All I Know.
Frank Marciano

Breaking windows
never done,
too rambunctious
too much fun.

Climbing mountains
on the ledge,
never me too
near the edge.

High dive
from the top,
not for me
I rather hop.

If I must I’ll take the fall;
Dare to share I’ll risk it all.

But for me the hardest test
was when my heart flew its nest.

I fell in love that afternoon
now Purple Heart
too much, too soon.

My lonely heart broke the strings
flew away on desire’s wings

It reached the stars on its flight
couldn’t stop passion bright.

A rendezvous beyond the stars
in motel rooms in darkened bars.

Balanced on spiders line
I was hers she was mine.

Endless moment
spinning duet
held by threads
dancing marionettes.

Then the strings
one by one
were blown away
came undone.

Crumbled in a
wooden heap
I couldn’t laugh
I didn’t sleep.

When at last
I shut my eyes
I dreamed of
love and broken lies

What are these lies?
Where’s the truth:
In legal facts or
laughing youth?

What is the truth?
if all are lies,
what of love and tearful eyes?

All I Know
All I can say
is let your heart fly away

Let it soar above the clouds
don’t look back don’t be proud.

Now my heart is back in place,
I felt the heat I ran the race.

To the edge to the tip
I took a chance
Love’s forward flip.

Was on my back now on my toes
I’ll try again courage shows.

Life’s too short
to hesitate
don’t consider
don’t be late

Where there’s laughter
take a chance
free your heart
let it dance.

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