Mom and Pops

Letter from my Father to his family in 1942 from Mississippi basic training, both of his parents would die while he was in the War, and by the time he came back to Hoboken, Jimmy the Horse had also died, he went on to become a lawyer through the GI BILL and that was the only thing he liked about the air force, he was a gunner in Japan and pretty much hated every moment there

Hello Folks
Just a few lines first of all I want to know if Lucy did what I asked her to do I don’t know if she is mad at me or not because I asked her to write and I haven’t heard from her. I haven’t heard from Frankie in a long while but I guess he is busy anyway, thank him for his package again how is Clair and Neil doing? Do they talk like students yet I guess they will start school pretty soon I just found out that last Sunday was Fathers day I really forgot all about it I could kick myself in the ass for not remembering, all thou I was broke at the time I could have at least sent a fathers day card. Tell pop I’m awfully sorry and I’ll make it up to him when I get home I’ll give him a break and go feed the horse a few times anyway, tell him to take card of himself maybe after the war is over I’ll make him some of that good wine I use to make I’m not even asking him for five dollars
Hey mom did you make out your will yet remember I want the house and Jimmy the horse the rest you can give to the family OH, and angi… how do you like the housekeeper etc? What did you do about the electric in the cellar? And what are you doing in the cellar that Frankie was suppose to use? I wish I could go to a few jersey Giants football games. Mary…. Don’t forget to write and did anyone go swimming as yet

Your Son Sam

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